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Young child visits care





Goal: To improve the quality of health care services.

Background: Much can be done to protect the life and well-being of children in terms of prevention, early detection, management and health education.


Many children still die from preventable diseases or relatively simple conditions to treat.

  • Malaria
  • Complications of childbirth
  • Pneumonia
  • Diarrhoea
  • Malnutrition

Malaria constitutes the highest number of cases brought to the health centre.


Weight measuring!

There is a high prevalence of protein energy malnutrition (stunting) among children in Gulu district. Male children are at an increased risk of stunting while children aged between 3 – 24 months are at an increased risk of suffering from acute malnutrition. We are working to improve the nutritional status of especially children in the community. We are strengthening the communities’ capacity to increase the quantity of and access to household food supplies, health education on infant and child feeding and integrated management of childhood illnesses.

What we do now and can improve upon to ensure we can provide the services needed
The role that Karin Clinics has developed and earned with the local district heath office and Ministry of Health as a partner to their delivery of health services has resulted in access to various trainings, health materials, drugs and implementation support. These include syringes for immunisations and general medication, laboratory reagents which help reduce the cost of fees for clients, child immunisation vaccines and vitamin A and de- worming tablets as part of the child health programme:

At the health facilities, we have created a sense of inspiration and enthusiasm among the community to improve their health. The better and sincere services rendered by our team have earned goodwill from the beneficiaries.

Selection of VHTs to work in their own community voluntarily has resulted in a positive impact. Empowerment of VHTs in the project areas with continued training has enhanced their credibility.

Strong and effective health care motivation has raised the life expectancy, standard of living, child survival rate etc. Mothers and children have got easy access for general treatment at a very nominal cost.

One of the major objectives of the child health program is to promote child health in the community, and encourage people and parents to adopt healthy lifestyles to improve their health and the health of their children.
This is implemented through;

  1. Discussions with the women’s groups in the communities.
  2. Health sessions in the clinics, schools, kindergartens.
  3. The distribution of printed health education materials.
  4. Health campaigns: breastfeeding and child nutrition.
  5. The international child day activities

With a view towards the provision of comprehensive health care to children and achieving an integrated approach toward services, the child health program has maintained close cooperation with the different programs and structures within the health sector.

What we can be supported to do:

  • The supply by the Ministry of Health and DHO of health commodities and drugs for free to client services helps the clinic in its goal of reducing the financial barriers to health advice and preventative care.
  • The child immunization service provides over 150 vaccinations per Wednesday, up to 600 in a month.
  • There is an opportunity to provide funds to deliver free to client consultations toward the integrated management of childhood illnesses (IMCI).
  • Continual training of health staff
  • Increase the proportion of the target population who need access to immunization

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