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Savings and Microfinance Scheme



To help the rural women become part of the formal economy and create jobs in rural areas where there is very little employment.


KCIU Women Group Meeting


KCIU Women Group Meeting


Sustainable livelihoods constitute a critical component within KCIU’s work on poverty alleviation and integrated development.

With low income levels and social challenges, KCIU understands that in order to lift this community out of poverty that can allow them to address their challenges, there needs to be a concerted effort that can build skills and opportunities to earn income. The inter link between health, education nutrition and food security is given due recognition.

Supporting women self help groups with inputs in livelihoods and other thematic has been a consistent feature of the organizations initiatives. Small micro-loans: Supporting savings, access to micro the same time. Self help group involvement in local mullet sectoral development initiatives is also promoted. All these efforts combine in helping women to claim a district and empowering space for themselves, in becoming articulate spokespersons for their communities and influencing processes of change.
Eight groups of community tourism enterprises with a total number of eighty (80) members have been identified. The identified skills include; hand craft making (baskets, paper beads, wallet and laptop bags, and sculptors, palm tree creative productions, etc.), pottery, music dance and drama, storytelling, cultural exhibition (food, marriage, naming and meaning, dressing and lifestyle).

Microloans are available for these farmer groups and other community based enterprises who want to start up businesses or increase capital investment in their enterprises. To improve the success rate of these new businesses, the program provides trainings and classes on business topics like bookkeeping, market analysis, customer care and product packaging. The savings and micro finance scheme program empowers women in the community by providing micro-finance loans to collective groups who are trying to make a living by selling goods.


To provide micro loans aiming at working with the very poor people who are unable to obtain a microloan because they did not have the sufficient collateral to get a loan from the traditional banks.

Paper bead making

This business is for five women with very minimal education. They live around Karin Community Health Centre (KCHC) locality. Led by Ms. Odong Beatrice, these women were once members of Karin Women Group received training from volunteers. They have since applied these skills through beading to earn a living and improve their livelihoods. They freely train anyone in the community who shows interest. They also visit other beading groups to improve their craft work for marketing and competitiveness. So far, they sell their products to mainly the local markets and occasionally to visiting visitors and volunteers to the clinic.

Small scale dairy farmers

Over 250 small scale farmers are supported to practice modern farming techniques. The project began with 50 heifer animals within the region. Farmers today transport their milk to a cooling centre in Gulu town, where milk is procproducts for sale. This ‘seed capital’ enables people to get a start on working their way towards a sustainable livelihood. Focusing on women, it was noted that the majority report that, once they have launched their businesses, they would be able to provide better nutrition, health care and education for their families. Having noted lack of confidence to start up a business amongest the women, WMI came in to offer a range of services to keep them out of poverty through offering loans to small scale businesses

Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming

The program also provides a Business Training education program- with the rising number of small and micro businesses there is need to build these small business concept, that many a times lack the required skills and education to maintain them effectively.
Our trained and qualified staff members provide training in leadership and business management practices to local entrepreneurs.
There are 120 members currently benefiting from the program. These are divided into six groups and each group comprises of 20 members. All these groups have been trained in Business management before receiving loans.

KCIU identifies affected communities and families through a nutrition assessment and provides training, milk is a nutritious source of protein, especially for children. Its a source of income for these families.

Success Stories

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