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Community Integrated Outreach Services

Outreach and health education



Community Outreach


To provide the services of immunization, access to ante-natal care, family planning, health education, malnutrition and malaria prevention and water and sanitation improvement projects in the communities served by the health facilities


Karin health facilities work with children, families and communities to strengthen their capacity to take more responsibility for their health and wellbeing. We provide education and advice on helping families with their health. We also work together with other partners on health promotion initiatives within schools and in the community. This program addresses issues that affect health through the support and self-help groups that offer peer education support in coping. As such, our Programs contribute to the development of healthy communities.

What we do now and can improve upon to ensure we can provide the services needed
The relationship with the community is an important part of the continued growth in patient volumes and the willingness to purchase the services. The quality of services and the sharing of affordable medical treatment from good and caring staff is essential as the key difference between Karin Clinics and and the higher priced and/or lower quality clinics.


Community Outreach

The communications by the clinic staff and the volunteers and community outreach programs needs to be more formalised and structured to engage the current patients, both recent and long-standing, and determine their choice factors and then use those to reach new clients.

Involvement of Karin Clinics in national immunisation days, in free-to-client services such as weekly immunisation and family planning products are useful as means to reach clients; however, positive client feedback and their ‘recruiting’ of new patients is more effective.

What we can be supported to do:

Our existing client catchment of two sub counties in Gulu District, over 20,000 people living within 8 miles of the site, and over 1,500 client visits a month provides a community for additional services, piloting of programs and research of heath needs and delivery of services.

  • We can distribute health commodities (nutrition support, bed nets, water purifiers) with very low distribution costs, and do so alongside health education and preventative care information. We can also receive printed health information campaigns and distribute these to mothers, children, youth and families.
  • There remains a need for funding of outreach staff to develop referral networks with smaller service providers and solo midwives or nurses so that their clients can attend the free to client services at Karin clinics.

Success Stories

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