P.O Box 528, Gulu, Uganda
Tel: +256(0)793 852129



What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are Karin Community Initiative’s overseas representatives. With international relationships in the USA, UK, Norway and Belgium, we constantly need to keep in touch with individuals and organisations at a personal level. Our ambassadors are able to speak on behalf of Karin Community Initiatives and spread the word of the great work that we do.

We currently have 2 ambassadors:

1. Ms Amy Biedermann

2. Ms Angela James

3. Trygve Kornelliussen

Trygve Kornelliussen

Trygve Kornelliussen, is a missionary and spent over 20 years in Africa. When he heard about the war in Northern part of Uganda, he immediately wanted to help. He has since been an ardent supporter of the project, the clinic derives its name from his wife, Karin. The couple have been very instrumental in setting and establishing the clinics. He wholeheartedly and passionately loves what he does. He does, has, was, and still is. A plumber by trade Trygve has shown that he can do more than just that by supporting hundreds of children living in poor conditions