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Karin Community Initiatives- Uganda is a registered (S.5914/4476), local non-profit organization seeking to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of vulnerable children, and families with our current focus in Gulu District – Uganda. The main goal is to help create a better future for the vulnerable children in assisted communities through medical care, improving their quality of life, enabling families to earn incomes to meet their basic needs and to offer the good news of Jesus, who calls on all people to a new life in His love and salvation.

While implementing her programs, Karin Community Initiative – Uganda has been faced with a number of challenges e.g. Limited skilled personnel, Limited financial sources, Out weighing community needs, among others, which are hindering her progress. As a way of mitigating these challenges to strike a balance and also considering the available skills among community members and tourism opportunities in the area and Uganda at large, Karin has initiated a Voluntourism project as a fundraising strategy and also an opportunity for her volunteers to experience and adventure while volunteering to serve the people of Gulu, Uganda.

Uganda is an extraordinary land at the geographical heart of the African continent. She lies astride the equator, where the east African savannah meets the West African jungle, making this an area of unimaginable biodiversity. There is no other country in the world like it. Over 100,000 species of animals, including 1200 species of butterflies, call Uganda their motherland. Uganda offers an incredible experience you will never forget. To be precise, Uganda is a very beautiful country and the volunteer’s presence here will make a big difference, to Uganda and the volunteer.

Volunteers at Agonga Karin Community Health Centre

You really haven’t been to Uganda until you’ve visited and spent time amongst the people themselves. Very hospitable and happy are some of the words that have been used to describe the people of this country. There’s such rich and diverse culture among the people, with over forty tribes and languages. One that particularly stands out is the Acholi Culture. Volunteer in Gulu and experience their traditional dancing ceremonies, share the women’s exquisite talent in art and crafts and crown it off with a square meal of unique Acholi delicacies. What all Ugandans share, luckily, is a penchant for socialization, placing them amongst the happiest, most welcoming people on the planet, and placing Uganda amongst the most idyllic places to volunteer. But happiness comes at a price: Uganda has been riddled with guerrilla warfare, human rights violations, corruption and inflation since its independence in 1962. Volunteers will find opportunities to help in many different sectors in all areas of the country especially in Gulu (Northern Uganda) where the 23 year war left many families in total disaster.

Karin programs

We deliver a wide range of healthcare interventions in and around Gulu in northern Uganda, including a child and maternal health care based out of our Karin Health Clinics. We also work on a range of community-level health initiatives, and projects geared towards helping develop local livelihoods through agricultural, education, women micro- finance and cultural tourism programs. Read more www.karincommunity.org

Note: The members of staff at Karin Community Initiatives – Uganda are social people with great enthusiasm, passion and inter-cultural values. The volunteer will definitely feel relaxed being part of this family.