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Sexual & Reproductive Health


Maternal and reproductive health


Ensure access to treatment program in a safe and confidential environment to clients infected by STIs/HIV/AIDS and TB


Armed conflicts have been a feature of life in Northern Uganda especially in Gulu District for over two decades. An entire generation of children has grown up with no knowledge of peace. The main health problems are poverty related, poor housing, lack of water and sanitation, and insecurity. The major diseases which affect the population include malaria, diarrheal diseases, and respiratory infections including tuberculosis, skin infections STDs, HIV/ADIS and malnutrition.

The situation was further exacerbated by the on-set of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic resulting into a number of deaths among the most productive and reproductive population group (15-45) leaving children who are the most vulnerable. More than ever, because of their vulnerability, there is need to protect their emotional, physical and developmental needs, and to protect them from exploitation. Children who are infected and /or affected by HIV/AIDS or other child hood illness face great challenges and hard ships.They experience great deprivation (including that of their parents); multiple losses, indignities, segregation and poverty.


What we do now and can improve upon to ensure we can provide the services needed
The Karin clinics took on the staffing have provided an ad hoc entry point for assessment of other conditions including prevention of mother to child transmission. Improved supplies of family planning products and a range of single event, monthly, quarterly and multi-year contraceptives has greatly increased our ability to serve clients and hence to mobilise clients to consider RH options.

Marie Stoppes Uganda and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau supplies a wide range of family

Maternity Services

Maternity Services

planning commodities but there are no funds for staffing to provide in-clinic mobilisation or inwards referrals mobilisation with midwives and extension sites.

What we can be supported to do:
The supply by the Ministry of Health/DHO and UPMB of health commodities has allowed several hundred clients a month to receive preventative care or access family planning options.

There remains a need for funding of outreach staff to develop referral networks with smaller service providers or nurses so that their clients can attend the free to client services at Karin clinics.

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